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The Pierce County Beekeepers Association, Saving the World One Bee at a Time!

March 29, 2018
Last updated June 20, 2019

REALTOR® Stacey Gendreau is a member of the Pierce County Beekeepers Association, and this organization does some amazing things in our community. PCBA provides a variety of valuable services in the area, whether you want to learn how to become a beekeeper or you need a honey bee swarm removed from your property. PCBA is on it!

“Spring is here, [and that means] you will start seeing mason bees and honey bees getting to work in the neighborhood real soon!” shares Stacey. “Bees help keep all our flowers blooming and gardens full of fresh fruits and vegetables, [and] supporting the Pierce County Beekeepers Association will help keep Tacoma pollinated!”

If you’re curious to learn more about becoming a beekeeper, consider attending one of PCBA’s beekeeping classes. But if starting your own hive isn’t quite your cup of tea, Stacey has some great tips for how to contribute to our local bees.

“You can help the bee population by planting lots of bee-friendly flowers in your yard, provide them with a source of water that helps them keep their hive's temperature regulated, and be sure to not use pesticides.”

Need some tips for what kinds of plants to grow in your Pierce County garden? Click here for an excellent list of recommendations!

Do you have a question about the Pierce County Beekeepers Association? Get in touch with REALTOR® Stacey Gendreau at!