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WPP Seller Series - Session 3

testing March 18, 2014
Last updated July 2, 2019

Selling_REpageComing up this Thursday March 20th is the last conversation piece in our sellers series “listening your way to being a better listing agent”. This week will feature WPP REALTORS® Jasmyn Jefferson and Greg Pubols. So far we have heard conversations around letting the seller choose the price, setting expectations, showing your value, finding out what they really NEED to hear as well has overcoming obstacles like divorce, encroachments and commission objectives. We can’t wait to hear what this week will bring.

If you would like to join us, our office is located at 2700 Bridgeport Way West, Suite F in University Place. Give us a call at 253-565-1121 to let us know you are coming!

Next Month: We will feature the Seller process and committing the process to habit. We will also have Dan Givens from Windermere Solutions for a ” Listing Presentation” and Stewart Title along with Penrith Mortgage will present a Lunch and Learn on the Newly Enacted Closing Process by Consumer Protection Bureau.