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WPP Agents Weigh in on the Nation Wide Open House Weekend!

testing June 6, 2011
Last updated July 2, 2019

Over the weekend WPP Agents joined Realtors across the country in holding open houses. Called “The Nation Wide Open House” the weekend is designed to draw attention to homes that are on the market listed for sale and get buyers excited about the market. Driving around town on Saturday and Sunday, you couldn’t help but see balloons, signs, and Realtors out in force- and driving through Tacoma, Windermere Professional Partners signs were EVERYWHERE. Here is what some of our agents had to say:

WPP Realtor Diane Thomas says, “I had an amazing turnout Sunday (14-15 couples) at a beautiful Northend view condo. The buyers who came through are serious about making a purchase and are very aware of the quality of the inventory vs pricing.”

According to Amy Lowry, “One comment I heard more than once was ‘Wow…many of these properties don’t last very long before they get an offer on them do they?’ Lot’s of interested buyers out there that are taking advantage of the high levels of inventory and also the low interest rates.

Karen Noland of the Sapphire Group says, “Time well spent! As Realtors we often get frustrated because only 2 or three people or even maybe none come by but what makes it worthwhile is the ONE person you connect and talk sincerely with, laugh and joke a little and and form a relationship with right on the spot. A wee bit of knowledge about the industry helps as well!”

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