Windermere Professional Partners

Windermere’s Annual Community Service Day

testing June 17, 2014

Group 1This Friday is the 3rd Friday of June and what does that mean? It’s Windermere’s Annual Community Service Day! Each year Windermere offices gather all their troops and spend the 3rd Friday of June working with local organizations to help better the lives of the people they share their communities with. This has been a Windermere tradition since 1984, and this year marks the 13th year that Windermere Professional Partners REALTORS® will be rolling up their sleeves and heading out into the community as a group to help make a difference.

This year WPP REALTORS® will be lending a helping hand at the NW Furniture Bank in Tacoma. The NW Furniture Bank is a local organization that helps to furnish homes for those that have been affected by things like a natural disaster, or have been misplaced due to difficult circumstances. Many of their clients find themselves with a roof over their head for the first time and just cannot afford furniture. WPP has supported the NW Furniture Bank for several years and they are looking forward to another successful event on Friday.

We will be back after the event to share some photos and talk about our experience with the NW Furniture Bank so stay tuned!

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