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What is the Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program? A Quick Overview

Alyssa Reische Professional Headshot of Alyssa Reische February 8, 2017
Last updated September 12, 2019

Since the 1990s, the Washington State Department of Transportation has been working to create an HOV system in the greater Seattle area. As our region grows, traffic becomes more and more of a problem, especially for those who use our freeways to commute each day.

REALTOR® Alyssa Reische is especially passionate about understanding community growth and traffic congestion, and she shared a few big takeaways from the Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program:

  • When the Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program is finished, commuters will be able to be in an HOV lane from Gig Harbor all the way to Everett.
  • The entire project includes more than just HOV lanes; it includes a long list of additional safety measures (like extra merge lanes, wider shoulders, more lighting, etc.), environmental considerations, and expansion of the Intelligent Transportation System.
  • The whole project is slated to be finished in 2020.

For more information on what the project includes and what has been accomplished so far, click here! If you commute for work or otherwise, we also recommend following the WSDOT on Facebook and on Twitter for useful traffic updates.

Do you have any questions about the Tacoma/Pierce County HOV Program? You can contact REALTOR® Alyssa Reische at!