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Using Your VA in Pierce County

testing April 5, 2011
Last updated July 2, 2019

A lot of people are confused about exactly what is involved with using their VA to buy a house. The folks over at Joint Base Living penned a pretty comprehensive post with common questions, including:

Q. What is a Certificate of Eligibility? How do I get one?

A. Certificates of Eligibility For Home Loan Benefits are issued by the VA and are the official documentation that you qualify to use this benefit. Most of the time the mortgage lender you work with can get it for you, in some cases you need to apply using a VA Form 26-1880. If the Veteran is enlisted, they will need to provide a Statement of Service from their CO. If the Veteran is separated from service then seperation papers or a photocopy of your DD214 is needed. The VA has a detailed FAQ regarding eligibility here.

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