Windermere Professional Partners

Supporting our Communities and Giving Back!

testing June 27, 2014
Last updated September 10, 2019

Windermere Professional Partners has always made it a priority to give back to the communities it’s REALTORS® live and work in. Throughout the years we have supported many local organizations, donating both our time and money in support.

Since opening our doors in October of 2001, we have donated over $97,000.00 and countless volunteer hours to local organizations such as the MultiCare Tree House, NW Furniture Bank, D.A.S.H Center for the Arts, The YMCA, and Emergency Food Network just to name a few.

One of our biggest events each year is Windermere’s Annual Community Service day. This has been a Windermere tradition since 1984 and this year marked the 13th year that Windermere Professional Partners REALTORS® rolled up our sleeves and headed out into the community to help make a difference. We spent the morning at the NW Furniture Bank in Tacoma putting together donated furniture, painting curbs around the building, weed eating the parking lots and grounds, delivering and picking up donated furniture, and sorting through donated household items.

The NW Furniture Bank is a local organization that helps to furnish homes for those that have been affected by events such as natural disasters, domestic violence, or for people who now find themselves with a roof over their head but nothing to sleep or sit on. Their clients come to the warehouse and walk through with a personal shopper who helps them pick out the pieces of furniture they need to furnish their home. The furniture is then delivered to their home so they don’t have to worry about arranging for transport themselves.

materialsNot only does the NW Furniture Bank help to furnish homes for deserving people in our communities, they also have a great mattress recycling program that keeps thousands of mattresses from filling up our local landfills. It’s called the Spring Back Recycling program and since the start of the partnership, the City of Tacoma drops off approximately 400 mattresses per month to be recycled. The mattresses are broken apart and the components go to make materials such as decking material and carpet.

NW Furniture Bank founder Bill Lemke says, “When Windermere Professional Partners offered to volunteer at NW Furniture Bank I was shocked to hear that 50 people wanted to show up! The Windermere team made a difference in the community and saved the furniture bank a lot money by painting, delivering, assembling furniture, buying dressers from IKEA, weed eating and unloading two 53 foot semi- trailers. What they accomplished in 3 hours equals one full time employee for a month! NW Furniture Bank and the families we serve are very grateful for the multi-year partnership between WPP and NWFB.”

We are looking forward to our next community event! After all, life is about relationships and strong communities. Let’s work together and make this the best place for all of us!