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Insider Secrets to a Stress Free Move

testing September 8, 2011
Last updated July 2, 2019

Did you know that moving is one of the most stressful events in life, right behind death of a loved one, divorce, and serious illness? Actually, this will come as a surprise to no one who has ever had to pack up absolutely everything they own and lug it off from the old house to the new house. Whether you’re moving from Puyallup to Gig Harbor or across the country, it hardly matters. Moving is just one of those things we really wish we had a magic genie for. We don’t have 3 wishes, but we do have local Realtor, Blogger, and Moving Expert Jim Tutton here to give us some of his top tips:

Plan Ahead and Start Early

According to Jim, this is one of the easiest paths to a smooth move. “As soon as you know you are going to be moving start interviewing moving companies.” he says. “Selling a home is stressful enough. Even if you do not plan to move for two months, get an estimate so you know price to expect, have a garage sale early, pack items that are not necessary to have for a while (both the latter will help with staging your home for sale).

Interview 3 Moving Companies

When you listed your house, you probably interviewed more than one Realtor right? Selecting a movie company is no different. Check with the Better Business Bureau and verify they are licensed (moving companies require additional licensing on top of their business license). “Interview at least three reputable companies, ask for referrals and do your homework!” says Jim. “A good mover will be able to not only give you an estimate on what your cost will be, they will also be able to help plan your move and provide guide lines on how to prepare for moving day.”

Be Prepared to Communicate Well When Plans Change

Once you’ve done your research and chosen a reputable moving company, you can feel confident they will try to accommodate their clients last minute changes the best they can. If there is a change in closing or possession date the moving will do their best to work with you because you are already a committed customer. “The best advice is to get on the moving companies schedule for the day you think you will be moving.” says Jim. “If you wait to see exactly what day you will close and then call on a Monday to be schedule for Wednesday without any prior commitment to your moving company it may be hard for them to fit you into their schedule and then you are left scrambling. You may end up paying more for a last minute move.”

There’s no way to entirely remove all the stress from your move, but following these expert tips can help ensure your move is a smooth as possible!