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Meet Brittney Shafer: REALTOR®, business owner, wife and mother! It may seem like a few hats to wear but these titles all mean something very precious to her and she is truly passionate about performing each one of the roles intentionally and with special care. As a Realtor in this dynamic and changing industry, Brittney has built up her understanding of all the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that she can help her offers make a mark in this competitive market. She knows how to negotiate like a pro (two children keep her well-practiced), communicate with cross-agents to get the scoop on how to prepare the perfect offer, and gather comparable properties to price accordingly. On top of this, Brittney’s magnetic kindness allows her to connect with all the integral parties involved to see a successful transaction through from beginning to end!

The most important components of the Realtor-Client relationship for Brittney to pass on are communication and education. In Brittney’s book, knowledge is key! She believes that a well-educated client is one that makes the best decisions for themselves and by supplying all of the prudent information upfront, Brittney is truly able to best serve her clients wants and needs! A Real Estate transaction is often an emotional and sensitive point in clients lives, Brittney has personally gone through the buying and selling process herself, which means that she can empathize with the process and dispel any anxiety that may arise with personal and professional sincerity.

Before Real Estate, Brittney had a long background in the restaurant industry: opening and then managing the ebbs and flows of a successful restaurant left her with impeccable time management, customer service skills that are out of this world. She is emotionally in-tune with all she comes into contact with and knows how to effectively problem solve for the greater good! Currently Brittney lives in Downtown Puyallup with her husband, Mike, and two children - they spend all the time they can outside. Mike and Brittney have operated a sewer inspection company in the Northwest for over 7 years, where they educate buyers and sellers on the importance of knowing your property and saving thousands in repairs for their clients!